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Attention Pet Owners, Pet Lovers, & CA Residents! Take Action Today on behalf of Your Pets!

Pet food companies are trying to amend regulations to permit using the term “natural” on pet food labels, packaging and advertising even when the pet food includes certain synthetic, chemical, and other non-natural ingredients.

Soon, the California Department of Public Health will be taking action on whether these companies will be allowed to represent pet food as “natural” even when it actually includes synthetic, chemical or other non-natural ingredients.

You can have an impact on this decision! The California Department of Public Health is currently taking comments from the public about this issue.

Please take a moment today to send an email to let the Department know that you oppose the request from the pet food industry, so you can continue to know the true ingredients in the pet food you purchase. Consumers deserve better than to be sold pet food that says one thing on the label and has another thing in the bag. Do not let “natural” lose its meaning.

Click here to be re-directed to a pre-drafted email that you can edit (if you so choose) and send to the Department of Public Health to let them know you OPPOSE allowing pet food companies to redefine the term “natural.”

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