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Securities Litigation

Federal laws allow shareholders the right to bring a private action to recover damages the shareholder sustained as a result of securities fraud. Gustafson Gluek PLLC has worked with institutional investors and has been appointed Liaison Counsel in high profile cases in which significant recoveries for the shareholders were achieved.

  • Luis v. RBC Capital Markets, LLC., (D. Minn.) Gustafson Gluek represents investors who were improperly sold high-risk reverse convertible notes.  These investments triggered devastating financial losses for individuals with conservative investment goals.
  • Ochoa et al. v. Pershing, LLC., (N.D. Texas) Gustafson Gluek represents investors who were defrauded by Pershing, LLC as a result of Pershing’s role in facilitating and profiting from the R. Allen Stanford Ponzi scheme.
  • Smith v. Questar Capital Corp., et al., (D. Minn.) Gustafson Gluek represented a class of investors who were defrauded in a Ponzi scheme.  Gustafson Gluek and its co-counsel were able to recover millions of dollars for the class from the brokerage that sold bonds to sustain an entity that had collapsed into bankruptcy.
  • In re St. Paul Travelers Securities Litigation I and II (D. Minn.) Gustafson Gluek, served as liaison counsel in both of the St. Paul Travelers Securities Litigations. At issue in the cases were public statements as well as material omissions St. Paul Travelers made that negatively impacted the stock prices of the Company. On behalf of New Mexico State Funds, Gustafson Gluek worked to litigate the two separate class actions against St. Paul Travelers, resulting in multi-million dollar settlements.
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